Siti Zaenab AL-Kubro

Hi everyone! my name is Siti ZaenabAL-Kubro. you can call me Zaenab. I live in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta. I’m 12 years old. I was born in may 19th 2001. I’ a student in 255 JHS. my favorite colour is purple. my favorite food are noodle and fried rice. my hobbies are swimming and cooking


Viola Rosselini

Hi everyone! My name is Viola Rosselini. You can call me Viola. I live in Duren Sawit,East Jakarta. I’m 12 years old.I was born in Juny 18th 2001. I went to Nurul Iman elementary school. Now,I’m student at 255 JHS.My hobbies are listeng to music and  play bicycle.My favorite colours are pink,grey,and brown. My favorite singer is Taylor Swift. My favorite food are fried rice.Lemon tea is my favorite drink

Gita Ramadhani

Hi, everyone…!
My name is Gita Ramadhani. You can call me Gita. I live in Bekasi. I have one sister and one brother. I’m 12 years old. I’m a student in 255 JHS. My favorite food are bread and noodle. My favorite color are tosca and blue. My hobbies are swimming, reading books, and listening to the music. My favorite member in Girls Generation is Choi Sooyoung.


Riztika Permata Arum

Hi, everyone!

My name is Riztika Permata Arum, you can call me Tika. I live in Curug, Kalimalang, East Jakarta. I was born in July 11th 2001. I went to Jakarta Islamic Elementary School or also known as JISc. Now, I’m student at 255 Junior High School. My hobby is listening to music. I like eating Chocolate. I like drinking milkshake and bubble tea. My favorite colours are blue and brown. I like Korea, so that means I like K-pop!. I’m multifandom. It means, I like more than one girl or boy band. I likes EXO, Super Junior, Girls Generation, and many more. I likes all member in EXO, especially Park Chanyeol. Kim Ryeowook is my favorite member in Super Junior. Kim Taeyeon is my favorite member in Girls Generation.

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Aida Sabilla

Hi, Everyone!
My name’s Aida Sabilla, you can call me Aida. I was born in Yogyakarta, April 15th 2001. I went to 07 Pondok Kelapa Elementary School. Now, I’m student at 255 Junior High School. My hobbies are listening to music and reading books. My favorite songs are Memories,In My Dream, Lovely Day, Promise You, Walking, Day Dream, and The More I Love by Super Junior. My favorite colours are Saphire Blue and Soft Pink. My favorite K-pop are Super Junior and Girl’s Generation. Kim Jong Woon and Kim Hyoyeon are my favorite members. I like watching movie. My favorite movie is 5 cm. I want to be lawyer. My favorite drink is strawberry juice.

Study Tour (Siti Zaenab Al-kubro)

Day 1
On Monday morning we gathered at gym yard. After almost two hours we gathered at gym yard, finally we left the gym yard and went to Bandung. In bandung we went to geology museum. In there we watched video of time machine and see dinosaurus fossil, human fossil, etc. From geology museum we got knowledge about natural disaster, animals fossil, human fossil, etc. After that we did lks. In afternoon,we went to Saung Angklung Udjo. In there, we watched theshow of angklung, and we went on a trip to Jogja.

Day 2
Tuesday at around 03.00 am we arrived at Jogja. The first place we visited Jogja is Borobudur temple. At borobudur temple we took a pictures, and there we can see the statues, stupas, etc. After a fewbhours in Borobudur temple we checked in to the hotel Brongto, to changed clothes and rest for a while. Around 14.30 pm we went to prambanan temple, to see the Ramayana Ballet. After watching Ramayana ballet we went back to the hotel to rest.

Day 3
Wednesday morning, at around 05.00 am atudents of 255 JHS woke up to pack, and around 07.00 am we checked out of th hotel and headed to the Desa Wisata Gabugan Sleman. In Desa Wisata we live in houses. In there we learned to fishing, planting rice, etc. In the evening we gathered in the pavilion there to follow the activities of suave to the local residents and had dinner.

Day 4
On the morning 05.00 we’re up to get ready to went back to Jakarta, around 07.00 am we had just left the Desa Wisata Gabugan Sleman. Before returning to Jakarta, we went to Bakpia pathok 25 and to malioboro to bought some souvenirs. After that we went back to Jakarta.